Port of DeFi Network

Decentralized asset value exchange, interactive financial service network, based on Ethereum.

Most People...

Can’t access high quality assets.

Can't build wealth.

Can’t hedge or manage risk.

Can’t invest safely.

This results in lost opportunities and unnecessary risks. We are using blockchain technology to redefine the financial landscape. Meet Port of DeFi Network, a framework for creating Position Tokens that track the price of any asset.
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Project Mission

Port of DeFi Network System

Port of DeFi Network is committed to building a permanent, fair and equitable DeFi ecosystem, rebuilding a network for social and financial order, creating a real value interchange between personal real assets and digital assets, steadily increasing investor assets, making the social order more transparent and equitable, making credit more reliable, and making the global economic balance stronger.

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Port of DeFi Network System solutions

The Port of DeFi Network is an Ethereum-based decentralized asset value exchange.


The DeFi Oracle Ecosystem Map

The DeFi Oracle Ecosystem Map consists three column such as DEXs, Lending and Margin Trading, and Wallets.

Lending & Margin Trading